Welcome to the 2017 Legislative Session!

Here you’ll find information on the 26th Legislative District, legislation I’ve sponsored and co-sponsored, press releases, videos, contact information and much more.

We have many challenges before us in the Legislature as we work to preserve and improve our state’s quality of life.

As our state faces a challenging budget year, I believe it is especially important to protect taxpayers while preserving services for our state’s most vulnerable population.

Among my many priorities as your state Senator, I’m working for you to:

  • improve our local transportation system and ensure a reliable, affordable ferry service;
  • fully-fund basic education and prepare our students for a competitive workforce;
  • refine the Growth Management Act to make it work better for our local communities;
  • support our veterans and local military operations; and
  • stimulate our economy, create new jobs, and support and strengthen local businesses.

Please contact my office should you have any questions, comments or ideas about state government. It is a great and humbling honor to serve as your state senator.



Thank you for visiting! Please contact me with any questions.

Latest News

NEWS: MCC announces sweeping education funding plan NEWS: MCC announces sweeping education funding plan
Today, the Majority Coalition Caucus released a sweeping plan to fully fund education and improve student outcomes. Click here to learn about the plan and what it means for our schools or go to www.fullyfundeducation.com. Washington’s Superintendent of Public Instruction quickly called the plan “serious” and “comprehensive.” Read his positive review...
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E-NEWS UPDATE: Twists and turns E-NEWS UPDATE: Twists and turns
Friends and Neighbors, The legislative session always takes some twists and turns and this week was no different as I took on some new responsibilities. I’ll be digging back into my roots in local government more in the coming weeks, but you can read more about that below. Many bills...
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I'm Here to Serve You

A representative government only works when those represented take an active part in the process. I'm here to serve you, and your direct input helps me do my job better. Please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail, phone or by mail, or make an appointment to see me in person. I look forward to hearing from you!