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Friends and Neighbors,

This week was the first cutoff for bills, which means that bills need to pass out of their respective policy committees if they’re going to move forward this year. Bills that have a budget impact have to pass out of fiscal committee next week.

What this means in practical terms is that a lot of bills, both good and bad, are going to be set aside for the year by today’s date. I’ve been working hard on a wide variety of bipartisan bills that will make our government work better and it’s paying off! Read more about the progress of my bills below.

Also, to learn what the Senate is doing to fully fund education for every student, read my op-ed below and see how it will affect our local school districts.


A Sweeping Change for Funding Schools: Education Equality Act

By this point, you likely have heard about the issues Washington is having with funding education. Central to this issue is the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision, which determined that the state was not meeting its own standards for full funding of schools.

After 30 years of letting other parts of the budget increase by more than two-to-one over education, we accomplished the exact opposite once the Majority Coalition Caucus took control of the Senate. New budget dollars went toward education over other programs at a rate of three-to-one, totaling $4.6 billion of increased education funding.

Click here to read the rest of my op-ed explaining the Senate education plan in the Kitsap Daily News…

What does the Senate plan do for my local school district?

This is how the Education Equality Act would affect school districts in the 26th Legislative District:

26th LD levy rates
26th LD school funding

BILL UPDATE: 19 Moving Forward

Sen Jan Angel floor 5031

Speaking in support of Senate Bill 5031 on the Senate floor.

My bills that have passed out of their respective committees and will move forward are:

SB 5007 : Addressing surplus line broker licensing – Financial Institutions & Insurance

SB 5042 : Authorizing funeral planning and funeral services as noninsurance benefits under group life and disability insurance policies – Financial Institutions & Insurance

SB 5043 : Concerning payment of debts – Financial Institutions & Insurance

SB 5077 : Allowing the department of corrections to provide temporary housing assistance to individuals being released from Washington Corrections Centers for Women. – Law & Justice

SB 5144 : Addressing the Washington state credit union act – Financial Institutions & Insurance

SB 5157 : Repealing an expiration date for legislation enacted in 2015 regarding pawnbroker fees and interest rates – Financial Institutions & Insurance

SB 5174 : Amending the consumer protection act to prohibit labor organizations from engaging in unfair or deceptive acts or practices – Commerce, Labor & Sports

SB 5187 : Concerning County Auditors – Local Government

SB 5188 : Concerning removal of land from the current use property tax classification due to certain natural disasters– Local Government

SB 5252 : Addressing the effectiveness of document recording fee surcharge funds that support homeless programs – Human Services, Mental Health & Housing

SB 5281 : Concerning rules for on-site sewage systems – Local Government

SB 5286 : Prohibiting regulation of the amount of rent for commercial properties – Financial Institutions & Insurance

SB 5327 : Clarifying the duties of court clerks. – Law & Justice

SB 5569 : Concerning protected classes in housing.   – Law & Justice

SB 5581 : Authorizing public hospital districts to participate in self-insurance risk pools with nonprofit hospitals.   – Financial Institutions & Insurance

SB 5629 : Creating and establishing the rights and duties for title insurance rating and advisory organizations.   – Financial Institutions & Insurance

SB 5652 : Concerning actions by the boundary review board.  – Local Government

SB 5655 : Concerning the delivery of insurance notices and documents by electronic means.  – Financial Institutions & Insurance

One of my bills has already passed off the Senate floor:

SB 5031: Addressing licensing and enforcement provisions applicable to money transmitters and currency exchanges under the uniform money services act — Financial Institutions & Insurance


I serve on these committees:

Financial Institutions & InsuranceChair

Local GovernmentVice-Chair (Acting Chair for 3 weeks)

Law & Justice

As chair of the Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee, I made sure we got a lot of work done:

  • 32 Senate bills referred to the committee
  • 30 bills received public hearings
  • 18 bills passed out of committee

I also served as the Acting Chair of the Local Government Committee for a few weeks when the previous chair left to work for the Trump administration. Being chair of two committees at the same time is a rare occurrence in the Legislature because the demand for time on a chair is so high. With some very good help from staff, I was able to pull it off until we appointed a replacement.