E-NEWS UPDATE: It’s that time of year…

Sen Jan Angel E-Newsletter

Friends and Neighbors,

It’s that time of year again! The next legislative session starts on January 9th and I’ll begin the year with some new responsibilities. Below, I explain more about those new responsibilities as well as what we have to look forward to in the state budget debate with the Governor debuting his budget proposal for the largest tax increase in state history.

As always, I work for you in Olympia. If there is a way I can help our government work better for you, please let me know. Most of my bills come from you and the ideas and concerns that you bring to me.

Send me an email at Jan.Angel@leg.wa.gov with your thoughts, ideas and questions. I’d love to hear from you!


New Responsibilities: Taking over as chair of the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee

Jan Angel Committee Chair

After serving as co-chair and vice-chair of the Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee, I have now been asked to take over as the chair. I’ve spent years in both banking (14 years) and insurance, even serving as a licensed insurance agent and co-owner of a property casualty insurance company. I’ve already put this experience to work in the Legislature and I’m ready to do it again.

In this committee, we tackle some of the most complex and challenging topics in the Legislature. I hope to continue providing consumer protections that adapt to changing products and technology while maintaining a stable and competitive environment for business in Washington.

I also was chosen to serve on the newly-formed Local Government Committee, returning to my roots in local government based on the 8 years I spent as Kitsap County Commissioner. The third committee I will serve on is the Law and Justice Committee where I hope to focus on family law and issues at the Department of Corrections, especially for the women’s correctional facility in Purdy in our community.

Each of these committees are important to building a stronger future for all and I will work hard to live up to the trust my colleagues and you, my constituents, have placed in me.

State Budget Preview: Governor proposes largest tax increase in state history

After the Majority Coalition Caucus took leadership of the Senate, we worked hard over the past few years to put $4.6 billion toward education, cut college tuition and balance the budget without new taxes. We’ve made significant progress toward fully funding education and putting the state on long-term, sustainable financial footing.

By law, the governor is required to release his state budget proposal in December before the legislative session when the Senate and House release theirs. The budget proposal Gov. Inslee released this week would take us in the wrong direction – one of higher taxes and more financial instability.

Inslee spending increases

The facts:

  • Gov. Inslee proposes to raise taxes by $4.4 billion for the first two years, which balloons to over $8 billion in the next two years!
  • His budget increases state spending by 21%!
  • His plan would increase the business tax on employers by 67%.
  • His plan creates an untested carbon tax, an idea recently rejected by voters.
  • His plan depends on an income tax on capital gains, a tax that other states like California are moving away from because it is so unpredictable.
  • He even restores the tax on bottled water that was rejected by voters years ago.
  • Worse still, he doesn’t provide a plan to address the inequality in levy rates and funding that we need to fix to properly fund schools. Instead, he proposed the largest tax increase in state history to fund pay increases for his biggest donors.
Inslee tax increases

The Governor’s budget proposal is nothing more than a Grinch’s list of money he’d like to take out of the economy and put toward his Christmas list of campaign donors.

As we write our own budget in the Senate, we’ll stick to the principles that have created bipartisan success over the past few years: balancing budgets with taxes as a last resort, putting education first and protecting the hard-earned dollars of regular Washingtonians.