2015 E-News Update: TNT: A monkey wrench from Olympia’s Senate Democrats

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Hello Friends!

We’ve been working very hard to pass a great bipartisan budget that makes major investments in education, cuts college tuition and lives within our means.

On Tuesday we nearly completed that work when at the last minute a “monkey wrench” was thrown into the process by some of the Senate Democrats, stalling the agreement we’d worked so hard to reach. The News Tribune wrote this editorial in response and I wanted to share it with you so you knew what is going on.


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EDITORIAL: A monkey wrench from Olympia’s Senate Democrats

Washingtonians last November chose not to let Democrats control the state Senate. After what happened in Olympia early Wednesday morning, it’s hard to quarrel with the voters’ verdict.

On Tuesday, the Legislature appeared on the verge of major bipartisan achievements. After months of wrangling that led to three overtime sessions, the Democratic majority of the House of Representatives and Republican majority of the Senate had settled on a surprisingly good operating budget, a solid construction budget, plus a roads-and-transit package that required a hard tax vote from many Senate Republicans.

But after all of it had seemingly come together, the Senate’s minority Democrats suddenly threw a wrench into the gears, apparently at the behest of the state’s teachers union.

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