Did Sound Transit mislead voters and the Legislature?

After a $54 billion mass transit measure was passed in Pierce, King and Snohomish counties, many taxpayers have been shocked at how much more they are paying in car tabs and taxes for projects that will take decades to reach completion. Voters who supported ST3, the $54 billion bond measure, feel misled about the cost that was communicated to them.

In the Legislature, we have received more and more troubling information about the involvement of Sound Transit, which is a public authority funded by taxpayer dollars, and the political groups that pushed for this massive funding proposal. Because of these questionable ties and the misleading campaign to pass ST3, the Senate Law and Justice Committee has launched an investigation into Sound Transit which we hope will shine some light on the dealings of this taxpayer-funded organization.

On Monday, Oct. 24, the committee sent a letter summarizing our findings that Sound Transit misled voters to our fellow legislators on the Transportation and State Government committees for them to consider corrective action.

Read that letter here.

To read the documents and testimony from these hearings, click here. (Both Sep. 26th and Oct. 5th meetings are focused on Sound Transit. Click on either date to see the documents.)

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